20 Aug 2014

One Year Post Surgery

Primary Practice 
Dripping sweat on tatami
Head Clear Body Strong

This year, since my knee surgery has felt like an eternity, ups and downs, leaps, bounds and plateaus. It's been a strange year. But one with a steep learning curve and a large dose of humility thrown in. I have learnt so much more about the way bodies work from my amazing physiotherapist.  Finally my muscles are almost balanced between right and left legs, sacrum is straight. I have learnt the very hard way that deep back bending is certainly not a good idea with a misaligned sacrum.  Flexibility is coming, as is strength.  Been hard work getting here, still a long way to go, but have hit an important milestone today.

For now I am pleased that I have finally made it through primary.  Even played with some second series asana today.

Hope to restart the blog properly. Have written numerous posts, but had no heart to publish.  Not sure why, when I need a cybershala most I hide away, retreated from everyone, tying to wade my way out of the slump I'd fallen in.