23 Jan 2011

Boarding, baking, backbending.

Really concentrated on my bandhas throughout primary yesterday.  It really is true that you feel energised and light after.  The times when I let my bandhas slip I feel exhausted and heavy after practice.   

Day started with some fantastic boarding, lots of off piste powder, felt good, confident, strong and balanced, my husband told me it was just that the snow was good, well there was that too!!

Still hyped after the boarding, took out my extra energy on making bread.  First time, and can see this continuing a while.  It was good.

Then for a practice, just a little of second, but ouch, legs, bottom, muscle pain, sides stiff.  As far as practice goes it was mediocre, more like stretching out the kinks after the morning's fun, reset back to normal for the weekday practice of work and yoga ☆ 

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