21 Oct 2011

Friday Primary

Straight-down-the-line-traditional-primary-sequence, no frills, no variations.  What can I say. It does the job. Effeciently working on everything in that neat little block of time before breakfast. Perfect.
It's been a while since I had a good, full, unrushed primary practice, even saw a bit of Garbha Pindasana action.  Now that has been a while, finally getting back on form again.  As soon as the weather turned cold my body went into 'prepare for hibernation' mode, which generally seems to consist of eating as much high calorie food as possible. I have finally managed to rein in the appetite.  I was beginning to feel heavy and lethargic. 

The past weekend Tarik Thami came up to hold three days of mysore class.  It was a good gathering. It was great to see so many fellow ashtangi.  About half the people came from neighbouring prefectures.  Hadn't seen some people for years.  Practicing with a teacher there to help out is great, to be pushed a little, and not least of all, to be able to practice in a strong group. Three days of uninterrupted  intermediate sequence up to Karandavasana, with assistance. Dwi Pada Sirasana is slowly slowly coming, so nice to have help in that one.

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