20 Jan 2012

To merge or not...

I may be in a blog transition.  I have three blogs, which seems excessive.  It feels like three different faces. I want to merge. I have always held the belief that a realized person would have a personality which is integrated, by which I mean, presents the same face (to a degree) in all situations.  I used to have a friend who when we were alone was thoughtful, philosophical and sensitive and yet when we were out socializing would turn into an absolute lout, sexist, crude, loud and coarse, it was like Jekyll and Hyde. When we talked about it, he knew this was happening and seemed it was stemming from insecurity, a desire to be accepted.  However the Japanese have this worked into their culture the public and private face are two very different ones.  Which is right I don't know.   I have a photo blog, an English yoga blog and a Japanese one for posting my class schedule.  I may combine the photo and English one, especially since I do feel the act of seeing and creating has been a part of my practice, and discovered there is actually a school of photography called Miksang, or contemplative photography. But I need to chew this over a while.  I also find I like to write on paper, privately, and am feeling a kind of pressure to write posts this year. Which is wrong.  Maybe I just don't have anything useful to say right now.

I am a home Ashtangi and I love that there is a cybershala and want to be part of it, and am now in the processing of integrating my cyber self. Are there any blog land rules....unspoken etiquette? Why do you blog?    To merge or not....  any ideas welcome x


  1. Dear Esther
    when i started blogging, i also started an architecture blog. it still exists (archiyogitect) but i decided to use it only to try things out and not ruin the main blog. i eventually read the posts by a fellow yoga practitioners who was also a professional writer. he said that, in his opinion, the best blogs where those that integrated all of a person's interests in one. so then i decided to write about my interests only in one place. so, sometimes i write about yoga, sometimes about nutrition, sometimes about buddhism, sometimes about travel. it ends up being a reflection of my complicated life, i guess, but i'm following his advice.

  2. Thanks Arturo. That does sound right..think I kind of decided to keep two blogs with the distinction being that one is pictures and one is more words. Maybe, have a feeling I should let my photo blog go, but am a little attached to it.

  3. but I want to see your photos!! I think combining is a nice idea. I found it a relief to not have to talk about yoga all the time.

  4. Yeah, I wanna get away from the having to talk about yoga, although I probably will as that is what I miss talking about in English here, and I don't want to censor my yoga talk for people, ie friends and family at home, who just aren't interested but do check in to my photo blog. Also I really like my photo blog to be black....but I found I don't like writing on black...so have found a happy compromise. I added a photoblog like to this page : ) Take a peek at my view of Japan whenever you fancy x