9 Feb 2012

Forgot my Tools

A few years ago while I was in Rishikesh I found my self surrounded by Yogi of a different breed, they were busy tongue scraping, urine drinking, stomach purging, string and water nose washing to name but a few of the cleansing techniques that were being practised around me.   I began to feel that perhaps I was missing out on something, should I too drink a litre of salt water every morning, and bring it back up to cleanse my stomach.  I've never been a fan of detox diets, fasts and purges, thinking it's more balanced to do these things gradually in daily life, like the yoga, rather than a boot camp, do little by little daily.  I asked my teacher about this, she said these are tools, good to know if you ever feel the need.  I always feel the need for jala neti (water nasal cleansing) in dry and dusty India,  rarely so in Japan in my forested humid location.

Seems I thought I was superwoman in January and overdid it in every way possible.  Was feeling worried, confused and overwhelmed.  Practised yoga too hard, went snowboarding a lot, worked a lot and didn't dress, eat, or rest properly.  Came down with a cold that led to infected sinuses.  Not fun.

Anyways, I had forgotten about my neti pot (my mother reminded me), and the key principle of moderation and rest!  But I picked up my tools again,  and am on the road to recovery, and smelling great.  Found an interesting remedy for sinusitis which I am trying out now, seems to be working.

8    Tbsp of Fine Sea Salt
10  Drops of Rosemary Essential Oil
6    Drops of Tea Tree
Mix well.  Half a teaspoon into the Neti pot and rinse away with warm water.

Also been using Lavender Spika to ease congestion and help drainage.
Eucalyptus for clear breathing and it's anti-bacterial and viral properties.

Add a healthy does of relatively gentle Asana practice, a large dose of Pranayama and a scattering of snowboarding, interspersed with adequate rest and hot springs.

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