7 Mar 2012

Off to Goa I go

Finally after jumping many many hurdles, overcoming the obstacles, I am leaving on a plane tomorrow.  I read somewhere that although Ganesh is said to be the remover of obstacles, he in fact places the obstacles in order for one to learn how to overcome them.  To be taught valuable lessons.  Well I've had more than my fair share recently, so  I  paid a visit to a secret Ganesh temple to say thanks, maybe enough...?

So, am packing to go practice under the guidance of Rolf and Marci in Goa.  Very excited.  It'll be my black mat's first trip to the subcontinent. I usually take the lighter purple one and always, always, wish I'd taken the heavy duty surface.  Splashed out on a fancy bag to lug it hither and thither, got the obligatory amulet from a Shinto shrine for protection.  All set.

Just the decisions of what books to take and how many??  Is it worth also carting my big SLR camera, or make do with light and compact.  Hmmm....


  1. Enjoy, enjoy! Please report about it all here. And take lots of photos too!

  2. Hope your having a good trip/practice, taking the manduka's wise, which books did you take in the end?

  3. Lugging the manduka was worth it, as were the two pranayama books, one on your recommendation grim-san, domo!

  4. Thinking of you!! Looking forward to those pics