30 May 2012

Oh my Blog!

What has happened to my blogging instinct?  Gone, flown away, I guess I forgot to schedule blogging time into my new rout...ahem..rhythm. It's not that I've suddenly got nothing to say, I've never got nothing to say!  I have half-written posts coming out of my ears.  It's just that something else always needs to be done more urgently before I finish writing.   Maybe I don't have anything that important to say after all.  I was contemplating the amount of babble floating around in cyberspace, and wondering if my voice needs to be added to this, but a post by Grimmly reminded me why I started blogging in the first place.  To gather my thoughts and share them with those who may be interested, be a part of a community.

So this is just to break the ice, say hi, show my face in the cyber-shala.

So hello to anyone out there.  How are you?  Enjoying that what is Yoga?

To start with.  Practice.  It's been good.  I am still following Marci's advice.   It seems to be working.  The biggest change has been in Pincha Murayasana.  By stretching up through my inner thighs to the balls of my feet, stabilising my pelvis and working those bandha's in my hands I have finally achieved stability consistent enough to fold into lotus.  Feels great.

However, more than asana I have been working on my concentration and my thoughts.  Trying to not let my mind wander, and when it does, to keep it positive.  Actually, this is keeping me busy throughout the day.  Not letting my mind go down it's habitual negative street.

OK so nothing much but a post to break the ice and lubricate those keyboard tapping fingers and get the blogging juices flowing.


  1. Hi, nice to see post(s) from you, been a while and now two a day. Congrats on the lotus in in pincha, hand bandhas? The yoga synergy book i have has nine or so bandhas (they also call them joint complexes) one for the wrist but don't think they mention the hand, did you explain it before, perhaps I missed it.

  2. Yeah, Marci made reference to them and have heard the word bandied about by other teachers. Basically hand and feet bandhas seem to be, from my limited understanding, the base of the index finger and the base of the thumb, and a general spider man suction feeling of rooting down by pulling up....seems to be working. What is this Yoga synergy book? Do you recommend me adding it to my sagging shelves?

  3. Good preview of the book here, need to study it more but I'm lazy with anatomy, interesting but expensive (does look good on the iPad though), see how you get on with the generous sample download.

  4. Thanks, looks really good, didn't realise it was Mr Borg's book, you are the second person to recommend him to me in a month, so I bought it! Oh, what would I do without internet shopping : )