4 Aug 2013

Hobble on the Mat

Well, it was a start.  Layed my single crutch down and hobbled onto my mat. Have promised myself to take this very slowly and rebuild my practice little by little.  Supplemented with physiotherapy.

One salutation to the sun.  So nice just to be back on the mat, perhaps a bit early for much, but no expectations, no judgement.  A little pranayama, and meditation.  Enough for today.  Good lady ; )

1 comment:

  1. Slowly does it.
    Was thinking today what a dangerous time this is for us, so much is familiar, I have the technique for kapo say ( first half of 2nd in ages this morning) but my quads need a few weeks of loosening up, same perhaps for my hamstrings. Gently does it, wait for the body to catch up with the technique. So glad you enjoyed being back on the mat, even for something gentle rather than feeling frustrated (though no doubt that will come a week or tow down the line). heal well.