10 Mar 2011


Been reading a lot recently, I seem to be thirsty, craving words and information, flipping between novels, yoga books, anatomy, blogs, webpages, and podcasts.  Losing track where exactly it was I saw things.  At the time it seems obvious, confident that I can remember and come back to read slower and absorb more.  To my shame I spent HOURS and hours the other day trying to find and recall a certain piece of information. I remember thinking I must read that more closely when I have more time, and then….arghh  where was it?  Obsession kicks in, try to retrace my steps, going to regular haunts and branching off and off searching into cyberspace.  Finally I had to let go, and rely on memory.  This little itty bit of information stuck, but my memory of it is incomplete, fuzzy. There’s a nagging desire to see this again, search, give up, more hours eaten up on the net, must let go, and on and on the torture of lost information goes.  Searching the vastness that is the blogsphere is futile.

What is it I’m looking for?  Something about the energy, or vibrations of words, every word we send out into the universe has a vibration and continues to vibrate through space, and have karmic implications.  Once said forever in cosmic effect.  This is really fuzzy, and I really really want to see it again.  Sound familiar anyone?  Any links?  Whether it be the energy in the words or the samskaras produced I need to be much more aware of what comes out of my mouth, especially whilst driving.  I need, as Dharma Mittra said to control what goes in and out of my mouth on many levels.  Going into my mouth control is on the up, and coming out is better than before.  So this is my practice.  After the two hours of morning asana, then comes the hard work throughout the day of watching what I say, especially when in my car….

As for asana practice, sticking with primary a while longer, it feels so good not to struggle to just enjoy the flow and try to make it more of a meditative practice.  Back to basics.  Working on the feet parallel but heels lifting come ups from back bending, thanks to Grimmley’s video inspiration.  Feels much more open on my lower back, and my legs feel stronger, actually it’s a world away from the feet splayed version, exploration shall continue on my quest for parallel feeted drop backs and come ups.


  1. Thinking of you in Japan today... hope all your loved ones are well

  2. Dear Esther
    I hope you and your family and friends are well in Japan. My friend and his family in Tokyo evacuated their building but only his office sustained damages. It must be a difficult time for you.