1 Mar 2011

Early awakening

Anyone that knows me, knows I'm a sleeper.  Never have problems getting to sleep, going back to sleep or sleeping for a long time.  So I was shocked when I woke up at 3.30am wide awake! No way was I gonna get back to sleep.  So I did what all self respecting British yogi's would do, and had a cup of tea and then had a 4am practice.  It was a first, even in India my earliest practices were 5am.  It was great actually, the world and my mind was quiet.  Not at all stiff after so little sleep. Finished by 6am.  Did laundry, bathed, tidied, breakfasted and still only 8am!  Wow talk about a leisurely morning.  Have no idea why I woke, it has never happened before and I slept right through till 6am this morning when my alarm woke me with t a jolt.  Must try to do early mornings more, seriously felt good the whole day.  I think I like waking up in the dark ; )  How do you all manage the early morning waking thing? 

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