13 Apr 2011

Nature: The Master Teacher

More and more earthquakes have been rocking my little world and playing havoc with my nerves, yesterday I hit an all time low.  Irrational.  I had just HAD enough, ok.  The scales, which had been in very fine balance, tipped. Felt like I was gonna go crazy, even had a little sob.....which didn't help.  Would things just please stop moving! Escaped into my book for a while and then engrossed myself in cooking dinner.  Yoga class was packed. The energy was strong and I dwelt on surrender, as I struggled with newbies' limbs resisting my attempts to help them, and I am not talking about sphaghetti style adjustments, just small alignment details, but the unecessary muscle power, people were as taut as strings on a bow.  Surrender, relax, let go.  Returning home with smiles.

Regarding the quakes, I have done what I can to prepare myself for another big quake, now I need to surrender, just as I do in my practice.  The quakes are showing us where the power lies, where the control is. Do not be fooled. There is really nothing else one can do when the earth shakes, but let go of any idea of control, fear and just take what happens.  Not an easy lesson to swallow, but it is coming.

Another thought of the day was the popular phrase, to take practice.  I really get it.  Up until now I have practiced.  But these days I've been taking practice, as one would take medicine.  Primary series, therapy, strengthening and balancing in every aspect. 

Breathe deep, calm and let go,so thankful for this practice, om shanti shanti shantihi om.


  1. Thank you xx Have really appreciated the kind words xx