27 Apr 2011

Me too, straight leg jump through!!!

Inspired by Grimmly's post, I too tried to jump through with straight legs. 

To my utter surprise did it!!  First time, and now first time to post a film clip.

I cannot express my happiness and amazement, which in the bigger picture of things is such a small and insignificant matter, but I’m sure some ashtangis out there will understand.
I have always done the so-called Kino style jump through, balance and swing through cross legged. At the moment this is the more controlled way for me, and it seems to let me really connect with my bandhas, lets me feel them in action.  I think this is the best way to start jumping through, that is just my opinion though.

However, the straight legged version has been a major obstacle. I've had a block with straight legs.  Years ago a teacher in a jump back/through workshop told me to just not cross my legs and I'd have it nailed, ha easier said than done.  Total head block. Frustrated, I blamed my short arms and long body. But I tried and tried and tried, and every time I would cross my legs at the last minute, or my feet would shudder to a sudden stop between my hands. I gave up. Bad lady that I am.

Until today.  I watched the video on Grimmlys blog very carefully, and thought I'd give it another go.  My legs shot through, straight..ish!!!  OK so I landed with a huge thwump! But it's a start, here begins a mission for a modicum of control.  Now I think that to land without a bottom thud requires far superior bandha control.  I need a lot more work on this.   Feed back, hints, tips welcome, pleeease.


  1. I think that looks pretty damn awesome!
    (word veri: valoop!)

  2. This is great, so happy you got it. This thing used to drive me nuts, for ages I just couldn't work it out. My big tip is to keep doing it as much as possible until it's 'fixed' in your head, in your body. All the stuff i said on my post, imagine someones pulling at the back of your pants so your backside goes through at the last minute, that seems to work best for me and really suck up the uddiyana just before you go through. This looks very much like 60-70% of mine, bit clunky but through but then you'll get a floaty one or two then clunky again. In the last two weeks I went from 99% clunky down to 60%

    Oh and you saw megan's tips in the comments. She has a wonderful one on her State of he Marichi's post about a week ago.

  3. Just read all the comments and looked at all the videos on your post Mr Grimmly, glad I didn't see them before actually, so beautiful, so perfect, now I've got over the first hurdle time to taken in some of Megan's sage advice. More primary for me ; )

  4. dear Esther
    in California, it was straight leg jump through or bust, so i used to do it. there was an ocassional thump, and maybe i nailed it twice during one day's practice, with the others being so so as my body scraped. here in Asia, my teacher took that away saying it didn't look good and had me doing it Kino style. i hear the Kino style is supposed to help you build upper body strength. whatever.