15 Jul 2011

Full Moon Oil Bath

My full moon treat. Been wanting to try the castor oil bath for a long time now, finally a full moon holiday has coincided with a work holiday.

I bought the oil over winter. When it arrived, and I looked into the intricacies of oil bathing I realised it would by nigh on impossible in my sub temperature bathroom. To begin with the oil was in solid form.

Now the climate has turned tropical, it's time. I was surprised at just how sticky this oil is. It took a lot of work to get it through my hair onto my scalp. Left it there for the recommended 5 minutes for first timers before doing the whole body.

Castor oil is said to remove excess heat from the body, to be anti-inflammatory and so is reportedly good for relieving arthritic joints, nerve inflammation and sore muscles. It is healing and cleansing. I also read that it penetrates the skin and helps to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. All good.

The backs of my knees and lower back became really hot, almost burning, as I massaged the oil in.  Finished with a hot hot shower and lashings of Dr. Bronner's magic soap.  After which I experienced an overiding urge to lay prone on the tatami and sweat, while listening to circadas.  The shower really was hot. I read that the hotter the better to both open pores to absorb the oil, and then to wash it off.

Either way, right now I'm feeling very mellow and particularly well lubricated. Interesting to see how practice goes tomorow.


  1. sounds good, I might have to try this!

  2. that just made me realize how much I need to do a castor bath ... tomorrow!

  3. Shall definitely be doing it again, but next time having a proper rest day, had a yoga class in the evening and definitely wasn't at my perkiest ;-)