20 Jul 2011

Packing Mantra

Annual trip to the UK to visit family and friends, and to feel like I fit in again. Always being a foreigner can get tiring. Sometimes it's nice to merge into a crowd.

It can be a challenge to keep up with my yoga while on the move. But am determined to do a better job of it this year. Last year I managed an average of 3 practices a week. It's while I'm away that I keenly feel the effects of regular practice. As with anything, it's when it's gone you notice how important it is. Have been in a good routine of morning practice for a while now. Must try to continue while travelling. Preparing for a yoga trip to India is simple compared to a trip to the climatically fickle British Isles. It's been around 35degrees here in Japan most days, coming down to a cool 25 or so at night. I can't imagine wearing many clothes right now. Ah packing. Need to keep it light and simple. Light and simple.

Also a bit of mental preparation, I've made changes to my lifestyle, especially eating habits, want to keep these up and not slip back into old habits.  So easily done, it can be like I have two lives, but I want to integrate them into a whole.  Much simpler.

Bought the Manduka travel mat, folds into a neat A4 size, no padding but good grip. But it's not fairing too well in this summer heat and the rubber is sweating, making it feel slimey. But it'll save me lugging a mat around.

Light and simple, light and simple, light and simple, packing mantra.

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