15 Aug 2011

Black mood, mat, humor

I arrived in England still, shall we say, emotionally sensitive, only to wake up to the shootings in Norway.....deary deary me, then the news that a good friend has terminal cancer, followed by my last few days in the UK watching riots on T.V. Last day out in the UK fell off my bike while avoiding, successfully I may add, crashing into a lovely dog . Left me a bit scabby, bruised and bent out of shape. But no harm, apart from a super pain in the neck and shoulder...crash landings on concrete, just not good for you.

Back in Yamagata watched an NHK documentary about an independent team of scientists measuring the radiation in the villages surrounding the nuclear power plant. just after the quake. Some with unbelievably high levels. Farmers in tears, saying all they wanted was to live naturally, farming and leading a quite life. All taken away from them. They feel such anger but have no outlet for this. Oh I feel like marching on the anti-nuclear path. Seriously people, we don't need it. So bit of a black mood.

But my first practice back home after being very bent out of shape on planes trains and automobiles was very nice. Back on my big black mat, in my light and airy tatami room. Sweltering heat, 30degrees at 6am. No complaints. Garbha Pindasana is still out, and cannot even attempt shoulder stand right now. But everything else was good, strong and balanced. Ahh….content smile, to breath and just be…ahh..

Last night a gathering of friends. What a bunch. Not sure if it's all Japanese people or just the one's I know but talk about black humor. Amongst us was a family who are in the process of evacuating from a radioactive town, and a good friend of everyone's who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and given a year to live. Laughter is the key in hard times. Of course there was serious talk but punctuated with jokes in truly bad taste, yet to laugh together is precious.

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