15 Aug 2011

Home practice away

Since being back in the UK I've been here, I've been there, meeting people I haven't seen since last year, or ten years, or even ever, new  people hurray!  Busy, not work busy but still busy.

Was at a friend's house the other day watching their chilled out cat.  Total relaxation was underway, very impressive.  Cats always impress, I've more than once wished I was made of furrier stuff.  Cats have one pointed focus and concentration, when needed, they have a beautiful balance of strength, flexibility and balance, and boy do they know how to relax. There is no past no future.  Cats learn from experience but don't dwell, regret or worry.  They just are, here, now.  Independent, one could perhaps say selfish, doing what they need to do when it suits them.  Not getting in the way too much and doling out affection when appropriate.  I love to watch cats.

So this trip I have tried to strike a balance, to see people but not run myself ragged.  Have been keeping up my practice albeit mainly in a very very small room with just enough space to lay a mat diagonally. I knock things and have to shuffle around, keeping it quiet.  This is my stealth practice.  Waking before anyone else, silently practicing, quietly as possible.   Have practiced in a few other homes while away from my own.  Even shared with a friend who was very resistant.  I never push, or ask, or even encourage until I get a sign.  I jokingly mentioned we could practice yoga before breakfast and she took me up on my offer.  Wonderful.  She got it straight away and vowed to continue.  Great to see her face smiley face beaming after yoga, even her hangover was cleared away.  For me it's the constant in my life.  To practice anywhere immediately makes me feel at home. It's become a cliche but practice truly brings me home.

Whilst in London I had intended to join a mysore class, so many experienced teachers, but when faced with early morning expensive train tickets, class fees and the prospect of being ejected into the street after practice to search for an overpriced breakfast.  Not to mention having to explain my body's quirks to a new teacher....  I have a lot to work on from my three days with Tarik, also I am still healing and tweaking so I opted for home practice, my Uncle's home, converted loft, sky lights, lots of space not to mention a lovely breakfast with company to follow. Perfect set up for a venture into the city.  
Been good. Yoga hasn't been the centre of my life while here in the UK but rather has been a strong undercurrent. Perfect, shall continue cat like.


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