4 Dec 2011

Cat on a ledge

During class:
Me: Did you drop back by yourself?
Her : Yes 「big grin」
Me: How many times?
Her : Five 「bigger grin」
Me: Excellent!

Cool, this lady has had all the parts in place for a long time now, flexibility, strength, timing and a very firm practice. I've said everything I could say, I help as much as I can but at the end of the day it's up to her, the only thing stopping her was her mind.

End of class:
Her: My cat got stuck up on a ledge other day.
Me: Really?
Her: Yes, it was the second time.
Me: Cat's are good at that eh.
Her: Yes, we coaxed her down, smiling and calling, she was so scared, bottom in the air, meowing. We knew she could do it, but she was so scared
Me: Ahh that's cute. Did she make it?
Her: Yes, it took a while for us to persuade her back down.
Me: That's good.
Her: Yes and it made me think this is how you must see me. Every week, coaxing me to do drop backs. I saw myself scared like the cat and you as me coaxing and encouraging her to come down, knowing she can do it but watching her fear. So I knew I could do the drop backs too.
Me: Ha! Yes, it's something like that 「big grin」.
Her: 「Big grin」

Rolf Naujokat talking about the role of teacher in the book Guruji:
"So it's the teacher following the student rather than the other way around. It's an interesting idea.
Or maybe walking together and you just hold the hand in difficult spots. I often felt that Guruji did just that, hold the hand as I pass over some difficult area. But again, it's according to each person's nature, and it works somehow because in the end it doesn't matter - whatever makes it work, wake up, that's fine."

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