7 Dec 2011

Small Progress

Have been working on Bakasana a lot recently, on straightening my arms and the jump into Bakasana B.  The jump is coming slowly.  It's just I seem to lose control on the landing on the very last 5cms.  Bandha control me thinks...it's that final abdominal curl I have difficulty with.  Have a feeling this is gonna come into play big time once I start focusing more on Karandavasana, for now I am still just toying with that. 

But my arms are finally pretty much straight in Bakasana A, wohhooooo a little progress, feels good.

Oh and my Tittibhasana doesn't look as bad as it feels.  I thought my legs were much more bent, it still is my worst set of asana in my whole practice, but we are making friends. Just a bit longer, and who knows it could turn out to be my all time favourite.

Have an authorised teacher coming up for a weekend mysore class session, am very much looking forward to practicing with people again, and, well to be taught...something... I wonder what? 

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