4 Jan 2011

New Year New Moon

Now I feel like I've properly started 2011 with the new moon.  I spent the holidays snowboarding everyday, keeping up a very basic, free style yoga practice. I decided to snowboard to my max, as in previous years I have always 'put by' enough energy to do my full practice after. But I wanted to push my limits a little, let go, be free.  I had a wonderful freestyle New Year's Eve practice.  Lots of counter board poses.  After 3 hours of boarding leg strengthening asana aren't necessary, but leg stretches held for a long time, twists, back bends and arm balances and inversions are wonderful.  Along with some calming deep deep ujayi.   
But the Ashtangi in me felt a little naughty,  like something was missing.

So last night before the New Moon holiday, the guests gone, the house quiet and mind calm, I practiced primary series, my body and mind thanked me for it.   
This year my aim is to be light, in all aspects of the word, and to keep the balance I found last year.

Lightness in deed, thought and body.  Ha ha ha body, after a holiday of too much eating, especially cake and tea. Cake cake cake cake.  Oh dear, I have my old sugar addiction back.  
Practice on New Years Day was short and sweet, but  it brought with it an awareness of conciousness throughout the body, and how alive I felt to the tips of my toes and was thankful to be able to feel the flow of unhindered conciousness throughout. 

Just before the holidays I read Krishnamacharya : His life and Teachings.
It was a very simple read, with some nice insights. Helped to put Ashtanga in perspective.  Good to set me on the right track for the year of light. 

The section sticking in my mind after my festival of cake and tea is the section on Tapas and Mitahara - Controlled Diet.  Krishnamacharya said "The accumulation of fat hinders the flow of prana, ...  if we want the flow of prana to reach all parts of the body smoothly, the fat that is accumulated like a wall must be removed.  The power to remove this fat lies only with the prana itself"   To take it one step further, the acculmulation of anything hinders the flow of our lives. So I shall spend my moon day clearing out the cobwebs of home and mind to keep it all free flowing ; )  

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