5 Jan 2011

Deary me...

I don't like to complain.  In fact I try very hard not to.  But today.....after watching Iyengar's 108 drop back with feet hip width apart and perfectly parallel, beautifully fluid and strong I thought I should try harder at getting my feet parallel too.  So I figured out a way to fix my feet with board and belt into position.... the drop back bit was .........  O...K.... but coming up.  Oh dear, oh deary deary me.  I now understand how people fly forwards upon coming up.  I didn't have my feet too close together, but it was a whole different experience.  Usually I push down on my heels and standing up has alwasy been easy.  But with feet strapped into parallel position I sprung up on my toes and nearly flew through the paper door infront of me. Any advice from anyone out there on the parallel stand up.  I think my legs have the strength... So now I have my practice resolutions for the new year firmly in place.

Dwi Pada Sirasana, consistantly.

Parallel feet drop backs and come ups.

Light floaty jump backs....ahem this could be a dream...

To start a steady pranayama practice.

Re-start a consistant meditation practice.

That should keep me busy.

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  1. This one has helped a little from David, have tried holding the blok between my thighs, still turning one foot out but a bit of an improvement from turning them both out.