30 Jan 2011

Shoulder pain

Oh dear, had  a wipe out boarding, which involved tumbling in a deep valley and landing head first into deep snow.... and seem to have exacerbated an already slightly clicky shoulder, and made it incredibly painful.  Seem to have more aches and pains this year, don't think it's the yoga, am putting responsibility onto driving on ice and snowboarding. Have been really working on my boarding...there is progress but at a cost it, more muscle aches and pains, as I always say, yoga is great for my boarding, but boarding sure doesn't help with the asana. But hey, it's not all about the asana right ; ) Or maybe it does help with the yoga, shall have to ponder upon this one... I  also changed cars, and am still not fully relaxed driving on ice in the new one, I tense up and get nervous.  Actually it is amazing how this tense nervy ice driving is being felt in my neck and shoulders....I get out of the car and the cracking and popping in my neck...phew...I try to do lots of deep breathing to relax....but after 8 years of driving at 4x4 super comfy easy going car this transition is tough.  So no asana today.  Don't want to mess with my shoulder in any way.  See how things are feeling in the morning. 

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