4 May 2011

Tokyo, Teacher, Tears

Sped through the mountains and down the plains to Tokyo to uber-urbaness.  Phew...

My first whiff of Shinjuku, aah that sweet city smell, crowded streets, a plethora of people with all the styles.  It's Golden Week, national holidays galore, everywhere jam packed, and I am one among this.  Horay!  Tokyo in full-on-bloom. 

On my first night I was the recipient of unbridled anger from an old friend. I shan't air our laundry in the blogsphere but the effect it had on me, I haven't been the target for such anger, and negative energy for many a year, if not ever. We resolved it over dinner,  it was a good lesson to be on the receiving end of such negativity.  Little bit more non-violence awareness practice.

Aside from catching up with friends over curries, cofffees, and galleries I got a mysore practice with T.  The room was less crowded than usual, but still busy by any standard.  Everyone working hard.

Practice, well, body has been out of sorts.  Clonky hips and knees, bit of a stiff back, not quite centred, not quite flowing right.  My practice was average, good concentration, strong vibrant energy in the room.  I've been practicing only primary for a while now, feeling the need to get balance, strength and calmness back in order, been doing the trick nicely.  Back to second it is.  Got some much needed help in the legs behind head asana. Felt akward again.  Some assisted back bending, I often duck out of that, but today I felt the need for it.  Then went to a back dark corner and tears flowed before shoulderstand. Not sad, but a release.

Walking in the sunshine through Shibuya afterwards was just beautiful, felt lighter, smoother.  Must get down to Tokyo more, lovely to practice in a big mysore room with friendly happy people. Mind, T will come up and visit us here in July, so got that to look forward to. For now to work on Dwi Pada and keep up with the back bending, time to focus on Nadi Shodana, the nerve cleanse.  \(・o・)/

Photo is from an exhibition on pictoral photograpy in Japan in the late 19th early 20th century, very beautiful.  Thank you Tokyo, for the good energy and inspiration. x


  1. Sounds like a nice release. And I feel just as you describe, coming into the city! It's been a while since I practiced with others. Feels like time...

    Glad you had a good visit, good energy and inspiration!

  2. Yeah, it really is powerful to practice in a group. How did your 6day practice go? Kept meaning to ask..

  3. Oh, it went great, thanks for asking! As long as I am disciplined about my yogi bedtime, it's a pleasure. ;) Continuing on. I want to maintain while I'm in the States visiting my parents next week.