6 May 2011

Clutter Cleaned and a Painful Primary

Ouch, why did primary hurt my legs so much today?  Think all that walking in Tokyo with very flimsy ballet flats took its toll.  Today I felt like I was dragging feet of concrete through practice and lumbered straight into finishing after Navasana, just couldn't do it today. Bad lady!  Ha ha ha!

On a good note, my annual spring clutter clean has been successful...still in progress but feel like I have a whole new room.  Serious change in energy.  I can think again.  Am very excited about all the things I can do in my new space.  One big change is a new piece of furniture that was handed down to me. Isn't it cute? It's a traditional Japanese tea cupboard, but is perfect for my little office space. Trying to move away from plastic which is so prevalent here in Japan.  This has made a huge difference to the atmosphere.

Every time I start ,  I re-read my clutter bible, 'Clear Your Clutter with Freng Shui' by Karen Kingston.  Anyone out there in a bit of a rut, a mess, confusion, or just want to make life flow more smoothly, I highly recommend this book.

Full of gems of wisdom and words of motivation to achieve, clarity, simplicity and the physical, mental and energetic space to create and be.

She talks about the flow of energy in the house, the energy in the objects and how these effect your energy.  Also certain areas of the house represent certain areas of life.  It is fascinating to see which areas of your life your clutter acculmulates in.  My biggest clutter section is my prosperity, weath and abundance section, and it is indeed rather stagnant and jumbled.

A lot is common sense, but it is the best pep talk ever!  She has written sections on every kind of clutter and strategies to deal with it. My two personal problem areas are clothes, I just can't let go, fabric and paper work.   My goal of a simple, free, light, energetic living space gets closer and closer. 

"When you get rid of everything which has no real meaning or significance for you, you literally feel lighter in body, mind and spirit."

"When your things get jumbled up and confused, the strands between you and them become like entangled spaghetti.  This creates stress and confusion in your life rather than the peace and clarity which comes from knowing where things are."

"A major clear-out is absolutely essential if you truly want to have passion, jay and happiness in your life.  These feelings are the experience of great energy flowing through your body and this cannot happen if your channels are clogged"

"No matter how many possessions you have, you never feel secure.  True security can only come from knowing who you are and what you are here to do."

"The territorialism and desire to possess things comes directly from the ego, which strives to own and control things"


  1. Ooo, I love all those patterns on things. very pretty little cabinet. I love Japanese furniture. Decluttering is such an instant spiritual lift!

  2. I need this book, keep thinking that when we finally move back to Japan we'll have the big clear out but I can't bare living like this much longer.

    oh this from Megan on her Damn good yoga blog

    '( a room ) that need only be clean and empty to be sacred'.

  3. nice!, and thanks for the book recommendation