18 May 2011

Bakasana B: Third time lucky

First time in a week to have a slightly calmer mind; the recent sunshine plus an outing with a borrowed geiger counter yesterday seemed to help calm a few fears. If it's not bad enough feeling for all those who have lost homes, for those who are still, and will be for a long time, working at the nuclear power plants, for those who are trying to rebuild their lives from scratch, while dealing with intense loss, those of us in very close proximity to all this have to deal with all kinds of rumors. Fear inducing paranoid rumors. However, due to the nature of radiation and governments one can't always be sure what is true what is real and who is crazy. Yet an outing with a geiger counter whilst enjoying some of my favourite spots was fun. Everything normal and measured, hard scientific fact to calm my emotional mind.  Thank god for friends with geiger counters.

Today's practice was joyful. I even managed a little lotus, after being out of action for quite a while now. Not pushing it, but it's healing and all is coming back. Even managed very messily to get both legs behind my head.

But today's focus was on Bakasana. I just cannot manage to straighten my arms in Bakasana A. Am thinking it's an uddiyana bandha thing, need to lift up more from my core, curve my back and widen and pull down my shoulders. Then there is the mysterious Bakasana B, I can only ever land it on the third attempt, which is fine, first is always too high, second usually a head plonk and third leaves me just satisfied enough to continue on with the series.

Wanted to upload a video, but don't seem to be able to, gotta figure this out, not sure if it's my computer, or internet connection or something else... so a photo of a Bakasana A will have to surfice.

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  1. エスタ, I forget, what kind of jump through do you use, straight or crossed? If crossed then have a look at Kino's jump through perhaps( on youtube I'm sure), she has that high jump, almost a half handstand but the rest of the jump through is standard. Try incorporating a few of those into your practice, one or two at first perhaps till you get used to it then add a few more. Great for building strength and will help with controlling Bakasana ( as well as the later 3rd series arm balances when the time comes).
    Just a thought.