23 Sep 2011

Autumn Equinox

Early morning yoga, side of a hill, fresh air, the sound of running water and insects.  Pretty good start to the day. Equinox, balance.  Last year I was trying to balance home, work and yoga.  This year am working on the balance with people and alone time.  Been a while since I took off to the mountains alone.  Nothing like it really.  Equinox, time to prepare for winter. Also a busy time, people running round like squirrels trying to get every thing done.

Tim Miller wrote a lovely equinox post.  Here are some of the bits I liked:

Time for perfect balance of opposite forces.

Yoga Sutra 11:47 Balancing appropriate effort and surrender we become absorbed in the infinite

Irony of asana practice is that we use a physical methodology to ultimately connect us to something within that isn't physical.

Amidst all the changes we experience in our asana practice, what we are looking for is he one thing that remains constant.

Would love to meet Tim-ji one of these days.

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