21 Sep 2011

Dry Practice

With a plunge in temperature from 35degrees celcius to a mere 15 practice has sadly lost the sweat and bendiness.  Just the other day I was drenched, sweat pouring into and stinging my eyes.  Today I had to do extra sun salutations just for the warmth.  Shock to the system.   Yesterday was my first attempt at Kapotasna in about 6 weeks.  Not the deepest, no chance of heel grasp today, but on the path to recovery. Felt good.

The neck, shoulder blade, whiplash thing is taking its time to pass.  For a while I only practiced using my legs, no upperbody movement, needed to let it rest.  After that, like an allergy test, I introduced asana back slowly slowly to check where the aggravation was.  The only time I feel a twinge now is jumping through and the last movement after coming up from back bends, bringing my head up.  Still stiff which has afffected legs behind the head,  shoulderstands are coming back very very slowly.  Surprisely hand stands and pincha are strong.  Thoroughly enjoying a long head stand and working on a little pranayama.  Need to work on a pranayama program to follow for the next few weeks.
Oh the ups and downs of the ashtanga asana path.  This is the ultimate test in patience.  Take it slow, carefully and let the healing continue.

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