24 Sep 2011

Krama Time

Usually take Saturdays off but was itching to get started on the Vinyasa Krama Asymmetrical sequence. Found the time for an evening practice. Have been working on dwi pada in the intermediate sequence of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga for years and years now. From having very very stiff hips and thinking the legs behind the head poses would forever allude me, I have made progress, when all the stars align and conditions are just right I can do it, but with no consistency. So it's time for a new approach. I have dabbled, in times of injury, with this Krama sequence. It's challenging, but have never stuck with it long enough, always hop back into my old routine as soon as other stars align and body feels better.

So I shall say this publicly. I shall practice my usual Asthanga Vinyasa rountine in the morning as tradition dictates and practice Vinyasa Krama in the evening.  I intend to do this as consistently as possible. 

Found my inspiration here  Grimmly's leg behind the head tutorial. Which is also where I got this wonderful cheat sheet to get me going until I commit it to memory.

I practiced the asymetrical squence on twice on both sides up to Ekapada Sirasana (one leg behind), it felt good on the second go both sides.  Am excited to continue this.  Vashitasana the second picture on the top row, I found incredibly challeging.  I could lift up, very ungraciously, but could not keep a hold of that toe.  Also Utpluthi with half lotus and extended leg....killer. 

Good recipe for practice here, felt good, gave desired effects, allowed lots of bandha work, and challenge poses to aspire to. Excellent stuff.  Much gratitude to Grimmly for providing inspiration, not to mention excellent photos.

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  1. That leg behind head video, I don't are mumble, bit embarrassed. Good luck with this, hope it helps. Yes vashitasana is hard, Ramaswami would ...gently be on at us to get out hips higher. He seems to think it's an important posture, means the hips are being worked in every direction in this sequence. Thanks for the kind words.