30 Dec 2010


From one year to the next, from asana to asana, place to place, young to old.  Whatever the transition we need strength and flexibility not just physically but mentally too, right?  To find the balancing point between extremes.  

For me this year was about finding a balance, in all senses and areas, I  think finally I'm close.  It's funny how our practice reflects our life and vice versa.  As I feel more balanced with work and play, spiritually, mentally,  I can find more balance in asana.  The other theme for the year was simplicity, greatly enhanced by my Vipassana retreat, what can be more simple and cutting to the core than meditating for 100 hours in 10 days.  Simplify, simplify, shall carry on with that one in 2011.

Perhaps lightness will be my aim for next year.....or should that be strength or perhaps self-discipline, hmm so much to work on, oh speaking of transitions other aims are jump backs without feet touching, and to start a more serious pranayama practice...it's time.

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