1 Feb 2011

Spiritual Healer

I can be one of the more cynical non-believing people I know, I wish I weren't like this at times but I am.  However I do, in times of unexplainable pain, go to this doctor...I don't really know what he is, he used to be a barber until he started healing people.  You wait in his old barber shop where there is a paper sign telling you how much to pay.  I've been after snowboard crashes before to sort out my crumpled body, and he tweaks and pulls and shoves my bones and ligaments. Then tells me I should stop boarding and start skiing. It never feels better immediately  but I always feel incredibly tired and sleep very deeply for a few hours  (not usually a big napper) then after about 3 days I'm in great form.

The funny thing is, when I went in and told him my theory on my pain, which was that cycling with a big heavy shoulder bag in the snow put me out of place, followed by too much yoga, followed by a big snowboard crash, he said, no I think it's your pillow!!  Huh???  I remember Sharath telling me this when I was having excruciating neck pains in Mysore, but at that time it felt like a bit of a brush off, perhaps he was right after all.

Off to look for a new pillow and hope this stops being painful soon.  Life really isn't as fun as it could be when there is pain involved.  I guess my practice for the next few days shall be a seated one, still and silent.


  1. Dear Esther
    Hope you heal soon and feel better. If you really like snowboarding, then you should keep doing it, I guess, while understanding the risks, eh? Do you drive in Japan? Do you live in the outskirts of a big city?

  2. Hello Aruturo,

    I live in a medium sized city, which is luckily surrounded by mountains and forests. It's beautiful. Yes I do drive, and I cycle, and board ; ) I like riding things. Guess that's what drew me to Ashtanga, when I heard David Swenson say you ride your breath, I thought, ooh that sounds like fun. Thanks for the sympathy x

  3. How are you feeling now? Hope the healer helped, and the new pillow, too. I've had neck pain as well and the osteopath has made a big difference, but I need to replace my pillows, too. They're all lumpy!

  4. Hmm, not sure, never sure if the healer helps. I do feel back inline, but the inflammation is still there. May try another doctor if it's not better by next week. Pillows, hmmm, do seem to be very important, just can't seem to find the right one.