21 Feb 2011

Holiday and an affair

Friday was a moon day, Saturday I decided to have a holiday, then I was greeted with ladies holiday on Sunday.  That makes 5 days!!!  Shoulder is almost better, have been very fastidious about not doing anything that hurts, taking hot springs and rest it.  It  seems to be paying off.  This 5 day stint could, fingers very hopefully crossed, just do it.

During this holiday I decided to have a little Ashtanga affair and try out a Kundalini yoga session, and well it's certainly different.  It woke and shook me up.  Very very different from anything we do in Ashtanga, it is very very dynamic, my husband was watching me and said it looked like aerobics, and it certainly didn't feel like anything I'd come to associate with yoga asana, felt a little crazy.  It loosened me up, made me sweat, certainly created some energy and has helped me detach a little from my everyday practice.  Which has to be good, take a little step back. 

I've also been watching DVD's of the Yoga Journal Iyengar intensive from a few years back.  Very interesting, talk about detailed.

It's true there is a form of yoga practice for everyone, and when I go on these little detours, I see exactly what drew me to and keeps me practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. It resonates so deeply, the system suits me and has certainly been working it's wonders on me these last few years.  I am so grateful to have chanced upon and been able to follow this path ☆


  1. ... but what did you DO in that class that was so aerobic?? I need to know! I'm always fascinated by the other branches of yoga.

  2. how to explain, some punchy jumpy karate like moves, kicking legs up high diagonally, sitting with arms bent 90 degress at elbows shoulder height twisting fast, standing with arms extended out to the side raising them up and down very very fast, everything was very fast even the back bending, which was standing and seeing how far back you can go.....difficult to explain..it was the karate style punches that got me....didn't fit my image of yoga...guess its good to question our perceptions of what is yoga eh! does that explain a little?

  3. yes! wow. never heard of anything like that before, sounds fun though...