17 Feb 2011


Been desparately needing some of that...been in a minor slump in all aspects.  A creative block, lack of energy, nothing serious, just lost a bit of sparkle for a while there.

All started coming back though.

A big thanks to Matt Corigliano who travelled up to our little mountain city to teach a couple of myosre classes, and I did my best to keep up with him on a snowboard.

We were totally blessed with two days of powder snow, seriously fun.  Then soaked in hot springs, then, very untraditionally, had evening mysore class.  Which was just wonderful.  We have such a lovely little group up here, and Matt's energy was beautiful.  Such a big heart....can you say that in English, am forgetting.

What he said, I've probably read before, but when it is said by someone who lives it, and from experience and at a time when you need to hear it, it really resonates.

So simple.

No fear.  The universe will provide, have faith.

You can't know happiness without pain.  Pain is often a necessary part of progression. 

Wealth is not money, but time to enjoy nature's gifts.

Love all living things.

In class, I had some kind of release.  A first, almost teary moment, but felt good.  Have been feeling a little lighter since.


  1. What a cute picture! Good to get some sparkle back. Maybe I just need to wear a sparkly top to practice ... if I can't generate it from within, fake it on the outside!

  2. Hey, ya never know, that may actually help!! I have gold sneakers....always does the trick xx