24 Feb 2011

Lost lens...

Lost zoom lens...how?  The last time I used it was at the beach last year..where oh where could it be, it's not in my camera bag..  Searching, delving into long untouched cupboards, facing those dark dusty corners, time to start decluttering again.  Seems to happen every year regardless of missing apparatus.  It's a spring thing.

To lighten up, be rid of excess baggage, be it mental, physical, material.  Going through all this STUFF, I remember being proud of owning very little when I was at University, proud of my non-materialism, and then on my first trip to India realising I could be happier with even less.  Infact less equals free and happy.

What happened?  With the years has come weight, attachment, fear.

I am a hoarder.  There I've said it, it's out in the open.  I have a penchant for material, boxes and paper, especially pretty sparkly ones.  More than once have I been likened to a magpie.  I keep these incase they come in useful, maybe, if, and sometimes, they do indeed!

Need to let go of a little more.

I could compare myself to others and feel that I don't have sooo much.   Just an excess of books, material and papers...  But I always have this urge to simplfy, lighten, lessen, declutter.  Make things smoother, more spacious. Last year saw a lot of surplus go, after Vipassana I had a manic clear out.  Here we go again.  If I don't love it, need it, use it, bye bye. 

On asana practice side, the pain has gone, almost completely, a little niggle left, but chatturanga is back.  Seriously, absence made the heart very fond. By next week all should be well. It's been a long mend, but worth it, some times enforced backing off gives a fresh perspectice.  I am so looking forward to getting back to a full practice again. 


  1. Dear Esther
    Since I'm identical with things, we could only commiserate if we did a project of organizing our spaces together. I've always admired those professional organizers/declutterers. I once hired one to get me going in organizing one apartment in San Francisco. Recently I bought tons of boxes to comparmentalize the stuff in my room. A lot of them are empty waiting for time for me to sort things and organize them.

  2. Let's do it! I may even out myself a little more and take a photo of the pile of cloth! March is the month, in time for the spring equinox! Let's go!!