5 Dec 2010

Before the new moon.

Is it just me or do everyone's joints feel a little creaky before the new moon?   Decided that I've been slacking a bit so decided to crank things up, seeing as I'm only doing up to Eka Pada, I did everything twice, also tried to take a picture, this is the first time I've seen myself in Bhekasana, not sure if I like seeing pictures of myself or not, yet.  I was most curious about this particular asana, as it feels so difficult, and so good at the same time. 

1 comment:

  1. Nice bhekasana, made me realise that I've never photographed mine either. Why is that I wonder. There are the really tricky postures we focus so much time and energy on, then the deceptively 'easy', or seemingly uncomplicated ones, we take for granted but comeback to later, when we finally see how important they are, but you've got me wondering, are there another group that slip under the radar, not quite either of the above.

    Good luck with settling into the blog, for me, without a teacher, I found it an excellent place to reflect on my practice and just throw things up in the air to see what does and doesn't make any sense.