3 Dec 2010

Winding down...

Oh dear, I laundered another book!!!  What a mess, this time it was Buddhism and Science. I love to read in the bath and have a horrible habit of placing books on top of the washing machine (top loader).

Well that will teach me to slow down, I was feeling so good, after a three day ladies holiday and then an extra work enforced day off asana practice yesterday that I felt extra specially good after today's primary series.  Energized by the practice and feeling lighter and a little cleaner from within I decided to clean everywhere else...like a whirlwind and must have knocked my book in the machine.  

Like a whirlwind, that is just how I decided I wouldn't be, message from the washing machine taken!  NO more whirlwind, time to wind down, slow down, reflect, and respect the earths rythm as the days continue to shorten and shorten.  I shall not get caught up in the end of year frenzy around me, everyone on hyper speed, rushing around getting ready to finish the financial year (here in Japan) and participate in the all the year end parties.  They are called Bo Nen Kai, which means  forget the year party, this all makes everyone so busy and heavy (same here as the UK over eating and over drinking) there is little time for reflection as everyone races to the end, the New Year's holiday only to collapse in front of the T.V. exhausted.  I don't want to forget my year, I want to learn from it, so I shall be slowing down, taking the time to practice and enjoy my last month of 2010.


  1. I can't imagine what happens to a book in a washing machine! Ugh! Did it wreck any clothes?

    I don't want to "forget my year" either!

  2. It wasn't a pretty sight! Hard back cover dissolved, but I salvaged the pretty red cloth, it was a beautiful book! Maybe I'll make a hair band as a reminder of my folly!