16 Dec 2010

What a week.

Up until Sunday I was on fine form, then I go and cut my finger....sliced the skin off my little finger's knuckle while washing a glass I forgot had a crack in it.  Thought I would be able to get back to practice, but any slight knock or bend and off the blood would start again.  Also, it is surprisng just how much we use out little fingers.  So nearly a week of just standing postures, and a new appreciation for how important every little part of the body really is. 

On the up side I spent the day researching Mula Bandha, I pulled out ALL my yoga books and a wonderful medical anatomy book in English and Japanese that my even more wonderful English/Yoga student lent me and figured a way to explain the details, and more importantly how do this in Japanese.  Wow, is Mula Bandha a fascinating topic.  Shall have to post on that soon.

I have a lot of books, it's almost a problem, but I ordered a whole new pile of books to inspire me a little more.

Dharma Mittra's 'ASANAS: 608 Yoga Poses.
The devotion.  The surrender.
Total inspiration. 
There's not much written in this book, but what there is cuts to the core, and the rest can be seen clearly in his asana.
 When can I get to New York?

Found my homework for the next few weeks, Dharma wrote:

"Essentially, if you control your mouth - what you put into it and what comes out of it - you've controlled much of your mind already."

Perfect for Christmas.  Our Winter Solstice, Yoga Nidra will be followed by Japanese Temple Cuisene, absolutely delicious and 100% vegan, a quiet calm event to mark the darkest night and the return of light.


  1. oh that's brilliant! I love him standing on his head with hands tight to the side of his body ...

  2. Yeah that's a good one too, and right in the middle of the city too. I love his attitude, that if you can overcome all the temptations in New York, then you will have really mastered the senses!