20 Dec 2010

Mountain Energy

Why is it I feel unexplainably happy at the site of white mountians?  When I see the distant peaks glistening white and harsh - a sense of adventure, mysteriousness wells up inside me.  It ignites my wanderlust, I want to run off to the Himalaya, to be surrounded by white severe peaks, to feel the energy rise.  This was from a trip to Nepal, I was so happy walking from village to village, no cars, no roads, high peaks all around.  Silence feeling nature on a grand scale.
However, I can't run off right now, and my sensible self doesn't really want to, or need to, just this urge that rears it's head.  I'm happy driving to the nearest mountain and snowboarding down it.  The feeling of silently flowing down a snowy mountain - using your body to control and balance, turning and moving with the breath - applying yoga to boarding, concentration, working hard, yet trying to keep relaxed, calm, soft.  Feel, light, strong and flexible, things working as they should be.

So I went boarding this week, and I thought how happy I am to be in this body.  A line by Iyengar struck me while reading Dharma Mittra's book:

"The body is your altar, the asana your prayer"

And after a phenominal 2 hours of powder, riding to my hearts content I attended Yuya Sarashina's Mysore class, with the extra heat and heightened energy of practicing in a group, plus some helpful tips on hand placement and timing,  I finally managed something like Dwi Pada Sirasana.  It's been quite a few years since I started it, no rush, but nice to feel change, and no pain : ) 

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