11 Jun 2011

Married life and Practice

At times I have most definitely neglected my husband in favour of yoga practice, however marriage is also a practice and have since readjusted my misplaced priorities. But they do at times clash. Last Sunday I'd made plans with H, his last day off for a few weeks, but really felt like a Sunday morning practice with people - dilemma. Determined to have my cake and eat it too, I crept off early to practice, it was the fastest intermediate series, I have ever done. Done properly, to count, minimal fussing, maximum effort. It was amazing. I sweated profusely, focused intensely, I should be practicing like this all the time. One hour exactly, only practicing up to dwi pada, where I flail around like a weeble, three dropbacks and finishing. Felt wonderful, I was home, showered and changed before H even woke up. Mission accomplished. Must set time limits a little more often, seems I have been lacking in determination and speed of late. There is something to be said for a faster pace, as well as the concentration that comes from practicing somewhere with no distractions. Practicing with people does seem to make it much easier, less fiddling, unspoken support, more energy in the room. The irritations I experienced before were gone, as suspected it was all my problem, usually is. That's the biggest thing I've come to understand, both in yoga, and living in Japan and being married. Take a good look at yourself before pointing the finger. This has been the most revealing practice.

As I said I have, at times, spent a little too much time with yoga, and not with husband, but this is probably all for the best, and he is very encouraging of my pursuit. Undoubtedly because he has seen the positive effects it's had on me over the years, and thus upon us.

Marriage like yoga like life is all practice.  Open up and feel the light.

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  1. so true! although having a husband who also practices ashtanga does make it easier.