21 Jun 2011

That's better

Haa, feels like a breath of fresh air not to be writing on black anymore.  I am very much NOT a black person, and I really think my blog colour was having an effect on me. 

I really do believe, and feel the effect colours have on us, I love to have bright, airy colours around me.  Why oh why did I do the black blog for sooo long. 

Today's practice was cramped and forced, I really wasn't in the mood, so I did standing, slowly, slowly, slowly and a long savasana.  Felt good.  I must also change my morning routine.  I think I need to get on the mat before I check the news and take a look at the radiation levels.  It\s become a habit I am not too fond of.  Morning routines can really set the scene for the day, don't you think?  Think news after breakfast is probably a better idea right now.

Ahhh blue blog.  Feels good.


  1. Blue blog good, was like pow when I opened it, wasn't expecting that or realised how strongly I'd fixed the look of your blog in my head somewhere.
    I agree, news after practice, you don;t want to be carrying that to the mat and better able to deal with the ups and downs of the radiation levels after practice i would have thought.

    Blue, yeah, that does seem more you.

  2. News after practice, much better took considerable will power not to peek, it's all still so critical.

  3. Dear Esther
    By talking to you, Nobel and Claudia I have figure out a way to comment. Blue looks good. Black was OK. An old Japanese friend told me wearing black in Japan was always styly.

  4. That's great Arturo! Japanese sure do like black, for everything, weddings and funerals ☆

  5. Have yet to try a morning routine, but I think I would enjoy it!