18 Jun 2011

Playing yoga

Something is working.  Last weekend just walking hurt, going up and down stairs was very painful and had to hop and skip to take the weight off my right leg.  But now,  I can walk up and down pain free. Even sit in a loose half lotus, good leg in lotus.  An effective combination of time, yoga and supplements, given to me by a riend hyaloronic acid, collagen and other stuff pills, seems to be doing the trick...perhaps.

Practice is fun again. I have made an intermediate based sequence to work on for a while until things are back to normal.

Working on: leg strengthening, particularly glutes and quads.

Avoiding: lotus, externally rotating thigh bends (janu sirasana type), legs behind head until hip settles, and kapotasana for a little while due to the strain it puts on my nobbly knees.

For now it's standing asana for eight long breaths, minus parsvokasana and ardha baddha padmotanasana, replaced with standing eagle...which I love, and works all the places I want to get to right now. Always wish this were in the Ashtanga sequence, something about it, the focus and windy-roundy-ness of it.

Then onto Krama yoga's bow sequence, which I am thoroughly enjoying, bakasana, pincha murayasana, followed by attempts at vrishchikasana and mayurasana for fun. Scorpion is one of those I've always wanted to do, so while hips and knees are out of action shall keep focusing on what asana are left to me. Back bending and dropbacks still good, so finishing sequence is intact, finishing with extra long headstand and variations ending up with pranayama.

The whole point of this yoga for me right now is to continue with practice, to regain strength, peace of mind, and to enjoy it. To not get attached to achieving certain goals. Have had to let go of my dwi pada (both legs behind head) aspirations for a little while.

But feel like my practice has taken on a new lease of life, like I've just got a little freer while I iron out these physical kinks and see what can be done.  I am so happy just to be practicing pain free. I feel like I'm playing.

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